Protect Yourself With SanitiSpray™ Hand Sanitizer!

Six Packs Now Available!

SanitiSpray’s hand sanitizer is FDA-approved and medical-grade. It contains 80% ethyl alcohol, as recommended by the CDC which states that “a final concentration of 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl alcohol recommended in the USP hand sanitizer toolkit are aligned with World Health Organization (WHO) formulations.” SanitiSpray hand sanitizer comes in small, mini bottles which fit comfortably in pouches, handbags, schoolbags, front pockets, and back pockets. It lasts longer than Purell hand sanitizer and most other brands – up to 2 years – and it’s gentle on your hands with moisturizers for easy application throughout the day. Our glass bottles are made of recyclable glass, are environmentally-friendly, and made in the USA. Green and clean!

You can choose from scents such as lavender, peony, lemon, and orange. And, if scents are not your thing, we also offer unscented in our original green bottle.

Kills up to 99.99% of most germs without the need for water.

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